The Dwelling
Digging through the rubble
Of a dwelling long condemned
Excavating answers
From the mysteries within
Examining quite patiently
Perhaps another clue
A simple revelation
From another point of view
A time to seek, a time to find
A time to toll the score
In time perhaps discover
That which I am searching for
For somewhere in this tired heap
Forgotten and alone
There lies a firm foundation
And a solid cornerstone
Its weakened timbers fallen short
Began to tip and sway
Then beaten by the wind and rain
It finally gave way
But like the tiny mustard seed
That falls to earth to die
This dwelling that has fallen
Will have yet another try
Its newly fashioned structure
Must be made of solid stone
A haven from the hardest rain
And stiffest wind that’s blown
A dwelling built with wisdom
That will stand the test of time
A testament of silent strength
And lasting peace of mind

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