Legend of The Piper
( An Introduction)

Long imprisoned by the words
That turned him into stone
Where he stood for centuries
Disfigured and alone
Guarding an inheritance
Of literary gold
Destined for a future heir
Forgotten legends told
Perched upon the pinnacle
Of Hezekiah’s tomb
Finally awakened
By an extricating moon
Anxiously awaiting
The fulfillment of his end
Silently the fated raven
Slipped into the wind
Many distant miles away
Bereft of worldly pride
Broken by a deepened sense
Of emptiness inside
Drawn by intuition
To his calling unaware
Deep into the forest
Walks the unsuspecting heir
Driven by an inner strength
His heaviness recedes
Doggedly he searches
For the beckoning he heeds
There upon a gentle rise
His emisarry waits
Michael finds his destiny
Among convergent fates
Presently the bird reveals
A lengthy leather roll
Wrapped about an instrument
Within an ancient scroll
There upon the vellum
Letters resolute and bold
“Greetings from The Piper
Hezekiah Bard of Old”
Subsequently shaken
By his antiquated find
Michael sets out for his home
The raven falls behind
By the glow of candlelight
The ancient scroll is read
Worded somewhat like a spell
Its lyric message said
“Waken errant Piper
From your transient repose
Wield the Bardic vision
Your inheritance bestows
Find your inspiration
In the melodies you voice
By the melody of choice”
Michael sat reflecting
Then he gave the pipe a try
Time eternal passed
Before his piercing inner eye
Hezekiah’s legacy
Delivered from the past
Legend of The Piper
Let it’s truth be known at last

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