July 2020

Our contractor gave us a call and we’ve resumed the remodeling business. In fact, we’ve gotten calls from several contractors. Many of the out of town sub-contractors bailed out after the Coronavirus shutdown. That left quite a bit of work for us locals once more.

The job turned out to be a stucco and brick home which was being repaired after storm damage from Hurricane Michael. A new roof was installed and the lower portions of sheetrock taken out revealed extensive termite damage throughout the outside walls of the house. Their insurance didn’t cover that, and also the storm repairs are on hold until the termite damaged wood has been completely replaced and inspected. The homeowner is having to come out of pocket for that. Unfortunately, the more we remove, the more we find.

The hip roof helped a lot on this job because we had to support it with temporary walls built before the damaged walls could be replaced. An entire corner of the house had to be removed, and the roof design aided by providing better support for our temporary walls. If the design was different, we might have had a girder truss sitting on one of the walls we had to remove. Supporting a girder truss would have not only been more difficult, but perhaps dangerous not only to us, but to the roof. It doesn’t require much movement to cause a leak or other stress damage.

We’re deep into the project right now, and I’ll update as things move along.